Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order. The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable. The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are currently being transcribed and the name of the Transcriber.

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Badshot Lea St George
Bagshot St Anne
Banstead All Saints Mar 2015 1547 - 1840 Julie Piggott, Sandra Gould Seenan 1547 - 1753 Liz Driscoll 1548 - 1878 Julie Piggott, Joanne Mitchell
Barnes St Mary Sep 2014 1700 - 1840 Karen Leiper 1700 - 1840 Charlotte Ryan
Barnes St Michael
Battersea St Mary
Beddington St Mary Feb 2015 1538 - 1840 Margaret Harden, Jackie Dinsdale 1538 - 1671 John Readman, Jackie Dinsdale 1538 - 1840 John Readman, Jackie Dinsdale
Beddington South St Michael
Belmont St John
Benhilton All Saints
Bentley St Mary
Bermondsey St James
Bermondsey St Mary
Betchworth St Michael Feb 2013 1558 - 1840 Steve Biggs 1558 - 1840 Steve Biggs
Bisley St John the Baptist Jan 2012 1561 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale 1561 - 1837 Jackie Dinsdale 1561 - 1851 Jackie Dinsdale
Blackheath and Chilworth St Martin
Bletchingley St Mary the Virgin Sep 2014 1538 - 1619 1620 - 1812 Steve Biggs
Blindley Heath St John the Evangelist
Bookham Great St Nicholas Mar 2012 1632 - 1840 Liz Driscoll 1632 - 1840 Liz Driscoll 1632 - 1840 Liz Driscoll
Bookham Little All Saints Dec 2011 1587 - 1840 Sandra Gould Seenan 1670 - 1835 Sandra Gould Seenan 1587 - 1869 Sandra Gould Seenan
Botleys and Lyne Holy Trinity
Bourne Lower St Martin by the Green
Bourne St Thomas on the Bourne
Bramley Holy Trinity Jan 2012 1563 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale 1563 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale
Brixton St Matthew
Brockham Green Christ Church
Buckland St Mary Feb 2015 1777 - 1812 Val Curtis
Burgh Heath St Mary
Burpham St Luke
Burstow St Bartholomew Jan 2012 1547 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale 1547 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale
Busbridge St John the Baptist
Byfleet St Mary Apr 2012 1698 - 1840 Sandra Gould Seenan 1728 - 1840 Sandra Gould Seenan
Byfleet West St John the Baptist

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