Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order. The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable. The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are currently being transcribed and the name of the Transcriber.

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Abinger St James Jul 2012 1559 - 1812 Sandra Gould Seenan 1559 - 1812
Liz Driscoll 1559 - 1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Addington St Mary Jan 2015 1559 - 1812
Liz Driscoll 1559 - 1838 Liz Driscoll, Joanne Mitchell 1559 - 1840 Liz Driscoll, Joanne Mitchell
Addington St Edward and St George (NEW)

Addiscombe St Mildred

Addlestone St Paul

Albury St Peter and St Paul Nov 2011 1559 - 1840
Liz Driscoll 1559 - 1733
Liz Driscoll 1559 - 1733 Liz Driscoll
Aldershot St Michael the Archangel

Aldershot St Agustine

Aldershot Holy Trinity

Alfold St Nicholas Dec 2011 1658 - 1841
Sandra Gould Seenan
1658 - 1840 Sandra Gould Seenan
Ash St Peter Nov 2011 1548 - 1840
Jackie Dinsdale 1548 - 1840
Jackie Dinsdale 1548 - 1840 Jackie Dinsdale
Ashford St Matthew

Ash Vale St Mary

Ashstead St George

Ashstead St Giles Nov 2011 1662 - 1840 Liz Driscoll
1662 - 1840 Liz Driscoll


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