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Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order. The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable. The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are currently being transcribed and the name of the Transcriber.

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AldersgateSt Ann and St Agnes            
AldersgateSt Botolph Aldersgate
(Aka St Botolph without Aldersgate)
AldersgateSt John Zachary            
AldersgateSt Leonard Foster Lane            
AldersgateSt Mary Staining            
AldersgateSt Olave Silver Street            
AldgateSt Andrew Undershaft            
AldgateSt Botolph Aldgate
(Aka St Botolph without Aldgate)
AldgateSt James Duke Place Sep 2014     1683-1692
 H Reading
K Chaveli
P Rolison
M Wright
AldgateSt Katherine Coleman Aug 2013     1683-1690
 H Reading
K Chaveli
AldgateSt Katherine Cree            
AldgateSt Mary Axe            
BassishawSt Michael Bassishaw            
BillingsgateSt Andrew Hubbard            
BillingsgateSt Botolph Billingsgate            
BillingsgateSt George Botolph Lane            
BillingsgateSt Margaret Pattens            
BillingsgateSt Mary at Hill            
BishopsgateAll Saints Skinner Street            
BishopsgateSt Botolph Bishopsgate
(Aka St Botolph without Bishopsgate)
Apr 2015 1662-1690
gaps from 1668-1672
1628-1630H Latus
K Chaveli
M Wright
C Winterburn
    1628-17231723-1752J Doze
BishopsgateSt Ethelburga Bishopsgate            
BishopsgateSt Helen Bishopsgate Sep 2009 1575-1837 A Posner
P Lawrence
1575-1837 P Lawrence 1575-1837 P Lawrence
Bread StreetAll Hallows Bread Street Dec 2010 1538-1892 M Wright 1538-1876 P Rolison 1538-1851 M Wright
Bread StreetSt John the Evangelist Friday Street Jan 2010 1653-1821 L Shelton 1653-1666 P Connelly 1653-1822 P Connelly
Bread StreetSt Margaret Moses Jul 2011 1559-1836 P Harris
J Brett
J Doze
K Payne
1558-1839 P Rolison 1558-1850 P Rolison
Bread StreetSt Mildred Bread Street Jan 2011 1658-1837 P Rolison
K Payne
1670-1837 J Doze 1670-1853 J Doze
BridgeSt Benet Gracechurch            
BridgeSt Leonard Eastcheap            
BridgeSt Magnus the Martyr            
BridgeSt Margaret New Fish Street            
Broad StreetAll Hallows London Wall            
Broad StreetAustin Friars Dutch Church            
Broad StreetSt Bartholomew by the Exchange            
Broad StreetSt Benet Fink            
Broad StreetSt Christopher le Stocks            
Broad StreetSt Martin Outwich Mar 2012 1670-1873 C Hermann
J Brett
R Jones
1670-1872 R Cannon
J Doze
1670-1852 M Wright
C Ransom
Broad StreetSt Peter le Poer            
CandlewickSt Clement Eastcheap            
CandlewickSt Lawrence Pountney            
CandlewickSt Martin Orgar            
CandlewickSt Mary Abchurch            
CandlewickSt Michael Crooked Lane            
Castle BaynardSt Andrew by the Wardrobe            
Castle BaynardSt Benet Paul Wharf
(Aka St Benet Welsh Church)
May 2014 1619-1837 J McCutcheon 1619-1837 H Farlow
J Brett
M Wright
1619-1837 K Chaveli
Castle BaynardSt Gregory by St Paul            
Castle BaynardSt Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street            
CheapAll Hallows Honey Lane Jul 2015 1538-1697
 K Payne 1546-16191619-1837R Grenville 1538-1666
 :M Wright
CheapMercer Hall Chapel            
CheapSt Benet Sherehog            
CheapSt Lawrence Jewry            
CheapSt Martin Pomeroy
(Aka St Martin Iremonger)
CheapSt Mary Colechurch            
CheapSt Mildred Poultry            
CheapSt Pancras Soper Lane Dec 2014 1538-1697
 P Rolison 1538-1624 K Chaveli 1538-1697
 K Payne
Coleman StreetSt Margaret Lothbury            
Coleman StreetSt Olave Jewry            
Coleman StreetSt Stephen Coleman Street            
CordwainerSt Antholin Budge Row Aug 2012 1538-1745 J Hughes
J Baker
J Brett
1538-1754 J Baker
J Brett
B Mullins
1538-1745 J Hughes
J Baker
J Brett
J Doze
K Payne
CordwainerSt Mary Aldermary Dec 2009 1558-1754 J Waltho 1558-1754 R Jeffries 1558-1754 J Waltho
J Brett
CordwainerSt Mary le Bow
(Aka Bow Church)
Jun 2015 1538-1837 B Mullins
M Wright
 K Chaveli 1538-1697 R Grenville
CornhillSt Michael Cornhill Dec 2009 1546-1754 J Brett 1546-1754 L Limehouse 1546-1754 P Collins
CornhillSt Peter Cornhill Aug 2013 1538-1774 J King
P Rolison
M Wright
J Brett
1538-1754 J Doze 1538-1774 A McKay
K Chaveli
R Grenville
J King
M Wright
B Mullins
CripplegateDr Williams Library Dec 2008 1716-1767 P Collins        
CripplegateLamb Chapel (Aka St James in the Wall)            
CripplegateSt Alban Wood Street            
CripplegateSt Alphage London Wall            
CripplegateSt Bartholomew Moor Lane            
CripplegateSt Giles Cripplegate
(Aka St Giles without Cripplegate)
Nov 2008         1763-1765 G Taylor
CripplegateSt Mary Aldermanbury (Aka St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury)            
CripplegateSt Mary Magdalen Milk Street            
CripplegateSt Mary Moorfields Sep 2011 1763-1788 P Connelly        
CripplegateSt Michael Wood Street            
DowgateAll Hallows The Great            
DowgateAll Hallows The Less            
FarringdonBridewell Chapel            
FarringdonChristchurch Newgate Street
(Aka Christchurch Greyfriars)
Nov 2011 1538-1754 J McCutcheon 1542-1753 P Rolison
B Mullins
1540-1754 P Lawrence
FarringdonFleet Prison Chapel Sep 2013 1742 B Mullins 1709-1754 B Mullins    
FarringdonHoly Trinity Gough Square            
FarringdonSt Andrew Holborn Mar 2009 1806-1813 B Watkins     1768-1779 B Watkins
FarringdonSt Ann Blackfriars            
FarringdonSt Augustine Watling Street (Aka St Augustine with St Faith)            
FarringdonSt Bartholomew the Great            
FarringdonSt Bartholomew the Less            
FarringdonSt Bride Fleet Street            
FarringdonSt Dunstan in the West            
FarringdonSt Faith under St Paul            
FarringdonSt Martin Ludgate            
FarringdonSt Matthew Friday Street            
FarringdonSt Michael le Querne Sep 2009 1685-1836 J Brett 1685-1836 S Moon 1685-1836 P Harris
J Brett
FarringdonSt Nicholas Shambles            
FarringdonSt Paul Cathedral
(Aka Old St Paul)
Apr 2012 1708-1897 J Hughes 1697-1896 P Rolison
R Jones
M Wright
P Lawrence
J Brett
1760-1899 P Rolison
FarringdonSt Peter Westcheap            
FarringdonSt Sepulchre (Aka Holy Sepulchre without Newgate)            
FarringdonSt Thomas in the Liberty of the Rolls            
FarringdonSt Vedast Foster Lane Sep 2011 1558-1836 P Lawrence
L Shelton
J Doze
B Mullins
1559-1837 J Brett 1558-1837 P Lawrence
D Thorington
FarringdonTemple Church            
FarringdonWhitefriars Precinct            
LangbournAll Hallows Lombard Street            
LangbournAll Hallows Staining            
LangbournSt Dionis Backchurch Nov 2011 1538-1754 A Botterill
K Payne
B Mullins
D Thorington
R Jones
M Wright
1538-1754 L Limehouse 1538-1754 J Baker
B Mullins
LangbournSt Edmund the King and Martyr            
LangbournSt Gabriel Fenchurch            
LangbournSt Mary Woolnoth Apr 2015 1538-1759 :K Chaveli
M Wright
1538-1619 K Chaveli 1538-16811681-1700K Chaveli
LangbournSt Nicholas Acons Jul 2015 1538-1812 K Chaveli
R Grenville
1539-1665 J Doze 1540-16491649-1676P Rolison
Lime Street             
PortsokenHoly Trinity Minories            
PortsokenSt Audoen
(Aka St Ewin)
QueenhitheHoly Trinity the Less            
QueenhitheSt Mary Mounthaw            
QueenhitheSt Mary Somerset            
QueenhitheSt Michael Queenhithe            
QueenhitheSt Nicholas Cole Abbey            
QueenhitheSt Nicholas Olave            
QueenhitheSt Peter Paul Wharf Feb 2014 1607-1837 J Brett 1607-1834 P Rolison 1607-1837 M Wright
TowerAll Hallows Barking by the Tower
(Aka All Hallows by the Tower)
TowerEpiscopal Floating Church            
TowerRoyal Chapel of St John            
TowerSt Dunstan in the East            
TowerSt Olave Hart Street Jun 2009 1563-1700 J Brett 1563-1700 J Brett 1563-1700 K Payne
J Brett
TowerSt Peter ad Vincula (Aka St Peter in Chains)            
VintrySt James Garlickhithe            
VintrySt Martin Vintry            
VintrySt Michael Paternoster Royal            
VintrySt Thomas the Apostle Jan 2009 1558-1754 R Jeffries 1558-1672 R Jeffries 1558-1754 R Jeffries
WalbrookSt John the Baptist Walbrook Sep 2009 1682-1754 S Moon     1686-1754 S Moon
WalbrookSt Mary Bothaw            
WalbrookSt Mary Woolchurch Haw Feb 2015 1558-1699 K Chaveli
M Wright
1559-1666 P Rolison 1558-1665 K Payne
WalbrookSt Stephen Walbrook Sep 2012 1557-1860 S Arnold
P Rolison
K Chaveli
P Lawrence
J Brett
1557-1860 K Jacobs
B Mullins
P Lawrence
1557-1860 J Doze
WalbrookSt Swithin London Stone            
 Barnards Inn            
 Old Red Hand and Mitre Chapel            
 Serjeants Inn            


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