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County Coordinator: Sue Hawkins

  • With the approval of the Medway Archive, I am able to provide copies of a parish register for transcription in the comfort of your home.
  • No special expertise or equipment is required, just your time. If you would like to join this effort please contact me at the above email address.
  • Please note availability information changes frequently - please ask if you have a special interest.
  • We would like to acknowledge the support of the Medway Archives of Rochester for use of their images in many of these transcriptions. You are urged to review the original registers at the Medway Archive for confirmation and additional information.

    Please note that the dates of available data are as at 29 July 2014, extra records may have become available between that date and the date the database was last rebuilt.

  • General County Information : on the GENUKI web pages

  • The list of places and churches are listed in alphabetical order by place and then by church.
  • The Last Updated Column shows the last date that data for that Parish was added. If the Field is empty it means we either need a transcriber for that parish or don't currently have access to the Data.
  • The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable.
  • The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are either currently being transcribed or "under expression of interest".

    AcolSt Mildred
    AcriseSt Martin22 Sep 11 1628-1812CompleteRobert Chown 1628-1930CompleteRobert Chown 1628-1812CompleteRobert Chown
    AddingtonSt Margaret
    AdishamHoly Innocents
    AldingtonSt Martin15 Jun 08 1681-1837Patricia K Ford
    AldingtonSt Martin8 Jun 11 1754-1899David C Hills
    AldingtonSt Peter & St Paul
    AlkhamSt Anthony
    AllingtonSt Nicholas
    AllingtonAll Hallows
    AllingtonBaptist Church
    AllingtonSt Lawrence
    AppledoreMethodist Chapel
    AppledoreSt Peter & St Paul8 Jun 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    Ash next RidleySt Peter & St Paul22 Aug 11 1560-1937
    Pam Pilcher
    Helene Deissner
    1754-1954Pam Pilcher 1810-1994Pam Pilcher
    Ash next RidleySt Peter & St Paul6 May 12 1562-1754Richard Taylor 1553-1809Richard Taylor
    Ash next SandwichSt Nicholas
    AshfordSt Mary10 Jun 11 1813-1853Jill 1813-1837
    David C Hills
    AshfordSociety of Friends10 Jun 11 1754-1760David C Hills
    AshfordSt Simon
    AshfordSt Theresa
    AshurstSt Martin
    AylesfordSt Peter & St Paul
    BadlesmereSt Leonard
    BapchildSt Lawrence
    BarfrestonSt Nicholas19 May 09 1603-1810M Galt
    BarhamSt John the Baptist
    BarmingSt Andrew
    BarmingSt Margaret
    Barnes CrayAll Saints31 Aug 13 1917-1942Richard Hover
    BearstedHoly Cross
    BeckenhamSt George 1813-18181818-1843Julie Nicholass
    BeckenhamSt Paul26 May 14
    BekesbourneSt Peter
    BelvedereAll Saints29 Aug 12 1854-1882
    Chani Fletcher
    Agnes Woodhouse
    Chani Fletcher
    Agnes Woodhouse
    BenendenSt George21 Jun 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    BethersdenSt Margaret21 Dec 13 1557-1911Robert Chown 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    Robert Chown
    1557-1911Robert Chown
    BetteshangerSt Mary
    BexleySt John
    BexleySt Mary4 Jan 14 1813-18421843-1862Chris Hanagan 1813-18371837-1859Christine Brenchley
    BexleyheathCemetery10 Jun 14 1879-1943CompleteAgnes Woodhouse
    BexleyheathChrist Church
    BickleySt George
    BicknorSt James16 Jun 11 1754-1930Robert Chown
    BidboroughSt Lawrence
    BiddendenAll Saints8 Jul 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    Biggin HillSt Mark
    BilsingtonSt Peter & St Paul25 Jul 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    BirchingtonAll Saints
    BirlingAll Saints
    Birling (Lower) Christ Church9 Apr 13 1893-1922
    Lorraine Lee
    Philippa Cooper
    1911-1920Lorraine Lee 1894-1969Lorraine Lee
    BishopsbourneSt Mary
    BishopsbourneSt Nicholas
    BlackheathAll Saints27 Mar 13 1859-1913
    Derek Richardson 1859-1956Derek Richardson
    BlackheathSt Michael
    BlackheathHoly Trinity
    BleanSt Cosmos & St Damian
    BobbingSt Bartholomew14 Feb 10 1813-1817John Culver
    BonningtonSt Rumwold5 Aug 11 1755-1911David C Hills
    BordenSt Peter & St Paul
    BorstalSt Matthew7 Dec 11 1878-1969Karen Hobbs 1902-1954Karen Hobbs
    Boughton AluphAll Saints12 Aug 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    Boughton MalherbeSt Nicholas21 Sep 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    Boughton MonchelseaSt Peter
    Boughton under BleanSt Peter & St Paul23 Jan 09 1558-1677Pam Pilcher 1558-1626Pam Pilcher 1558-1626Pam Pilcher
    BoxleySt Mary22 Sep 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    BrabourneSt Mary22 Sep 11 1755-1911David C Hills
    BrastedSt Martin
    BredgarSt John
    BredhurstSt Peter 15 Sep 13 1547-1974CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1570-1978CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1547-1946CompleteBrenda Dimbleby
    BrenchleyAll Saints
    BrenzettSt Eanswith25 Jul 11 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    BridgeSt Peter
    BromleySt Peter & St Paul23 Jan 14 1772-17981798-1949Jenny Saxelby
    Bromley CommonHoly Trinity
    Bromley (Common)St Luke
    Brompton, OldHoly Trinity6 Nov 13 1848-1856Keith Izod
    Brompton, OldHoly Trinity6 Nov 13 18561857-1953Richard Taylor 18491849-1953Richard Taylor 1920-19211921-1925Richard Taylor
    Brompton Chatham GarrisonSt Barbara10 Jul 14 1847-1900
    1847-1857 (BT)
    Betty Cole
    Rae Finucane
    BrookSt Mary22 Sep 11 1754-1908David C Hills
    BrooklandSt Augustine10 Apr 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    BroomfieldSt Margaret2 Oct 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    Buckland DoverSt Andrew
    BurhamSt Mary13 Oct 11 1626-1812
    Christine Spellman
    BurhamSt Mary6 Oct 11 1627-1955CompleteRoger Boyer 1626-1925CompleteRoger Boyer
    BurmarshAll Saints6 Oct 11 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    CanterburyChrist Church Cathedral29 Mar 14 1564-1878Richard Lambert 1583-17141714-1878 Richard Lambert 1571-1878Richard Lambert
    CanterburySt Alphege
    CanterburySt Dunstan11 Feb 13 1560-1800Jo Gander 1560-1800CompleteRichard Lambert 1559-1800CompleteRichard Lambert
    CanterburySt Martin
    CanterburySt Martin Bredin
    CanterburySt Mary Northgate
    CanterburySt Paul
    CanterburySt Stephen
    CapelSt Thomas
    Capel le FerneSt Mary
    ChalkSt Mary the Virgin6 Nov 13 1813Paula Pheby
    ChalkSt Mary the Virgin7 Jan 14 1813-19301661-1812Judith Meerloo 1813-18501755-1812
    Judith Meerloo 1660-1940CompleteJames Stephenson
    ChallockSt Cosmos18 Nov 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    CharingSt Peter & St Paul24 Dec 11 1754-1911David C Hills
    Charing HeathHoly Trinity15 Mar 12 1874-1911David C Hills
    CharltonHouse Chapel
    CharltonHoly Trinity
    CharltonSt Luke5 Feb 13 1813-18441844-1864Mike Ford
    Charlton near DoverSt Peter & St Paul12 Apr 13 1584-1837Pam Pilcher
    Chart SuttonSt Michael30 Jan 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    CharthamSt Mary
    CharthamSt Luke
    ChathamAll Saints14 Feb 13 1913-1963Harry Hart 1914-19401940-1954Harry Hart
    ChathamHoly Trinity/
    Workhouse Chapel
    12 Feb 12 1899-1942Harry Hart Harry Hart
    ChathamSt John the Divine1 Feb 14 1853-1870
    CompleteElaine Anderton
    Roger Boyer
    1853-1954CompleteRoger Boyer
    ChathamSt Mary the Virgin23 Jan 14 1813
    Michelle Connolly
    Colleen Smith
    1568-1897CompleteKatie Constable
    ChathamSt Paul1 May 14 1855

    Kate Cunningham
    Roderick Bayne



    Roderick Bayne
    ChathamSt Philip
    ChathamSt Stephen
    ChathamSt William
    ChelsfieldSt Martin of Tours
    CheritonSt Martins
    CheritonAll Souls
    CheveningSt Botolph
    ChiddingstoneSt Mary
    ChilhamSt Mary22 Jan 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    ChillendenAll Saints
    ChislehurstThe Annunciation 1870-1904Barbara Zion 1870-1904 1870-1904
    ChislehurstSt Nicholas
    ChisletSt Mary27 Apr 14 1538-1727CompleteBarbara Zion 1538-1707CompleteBarbara Zion 1538-1707CompleteBarbara Zion
    CliffeSt Helen24 Mar 13 1558-19051906-1980Madge Heath 1558-19281929-1958Madge Heath 1813-1830
    CompleteSue Hawkins
    Madge Heath
    CobhamSt Mary Magdalene8 Jan 11 1728-18491850-1884Andy White 1754-1938Andy White 1728-1732 1813-18641732-1813Andy White
    ColdredSt Pancras
    CoolingSt James24 Jan 10 1707-1976CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1712-1956CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1708-1977CompleteBrenda Dimbleby
    CowdenSt Mary Magdalene
    CranbrookSt Dunstan12 Mar 12 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    Patricia Chown
    Cray St PaulsSt Barnabas
    CrayfordMethodist Chapel13 Aug 12 1896-2003Agnes Woodhouse 1954-2002Agnes Woodhouse
    CrayfordSlade Green St Augustines1 Jul 12 1892-1921Richard Hover Richard Hover Richard Hover
    CrayfordSt Paulinus4 Sep 13 1558-1982CompleteRichard Hover 1558-1955CompleteRichard Hover 1558-1985CompleteRichard Hover
    CrockenhillAll Souls4 Dec 10 1852-18711871-1940Carol Ann
    1853-1954Carol Ann
    CrundaleSt Mary22 Jan 12 1755-1911David C Hills
    CudhamSt Peter & St Paul
    CuxtonSt Michael &
    All Angels
    4 Nov 11 1560-1962Carol Burman
    Michelle Westwell
    Michelle Jackson
    Carol Burman
    Kylie Grusning
    Michelle Jackson
    Carol Burman
    DarenthSt Margaret of Antioch26 Jul 09 1813-1856Karen McLennan 1837-1891Karen McLennan 1813-1884Karen McLennan
    DarenthSt Margaret of Antioch25 Jan 11 1695-16971697-1725Christine Goulding 16951696-1725Christine Goulding 16951696-1725Christine Goulding
    DartfordChristchurch22 Jul 12 1910-19351935-1970Alan Long 1910-1954Alan Long
    DartfordEast Hill & Watling St Cemetery24 May 14 1856-18771878-1990Judy Heaphy
    DartfordHoly Trinity11 May 14 1561-19211921-1983Brenda Dimbleby 1561-1955CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1561-1926CompleteBrenda Dimbleby
    DartfordMethodist Church6 Jan 13 1837-19411941-1979Judy Heaphy 1917-1997Judy Heaphy
    DartfordSt Alban the Martyr2 May 14 1903-19111912-1982Elaine Thomas
    DavingtonSt Mary Magdalene
    DealSt Andrew2 Oct 13 1884-1930Richard Hover 1852-1923CompleteRichard Hover
    DealSt George
    DealSt Leonard
    DentonSt Mary
    DeptfordSt James Hatcham
    DeptfordSt John
    DeptfordSt Nicholas13 Jul 12 1813-18411842-1930Carol Burman 1754-19211921-1933Peter Evans
    DeptfordSt Paul14 Dec 13 1730-1949CompleteKatie Constable 1730-17541754-1966Katie Constable 1730-1788CompleteKatie Constable
    DetlingSt Martin30 Jan 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    DittonSt Peter
    DodingtonSt John the Baptist
    DoverSt James
    DoverSt Mary
    DoverSt Mary Castro
    DowneSt Mary
    DunkirkChrist Church
    DymchurchSt Peter & St Paul17 Mar 12 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    East FarleighSt Mary
    East LangdonSt Augustine
    East MallingSt James
    East PeckhamHoly Trinity
    East PeckhamSt Michael
    East SuttonSt Peter & St Paul18 Mar 12 1754-1837David C Hills
    East WickhamSt Michael5 Jul 14 1730-1918Richard Hover 1813-1815
    Debra Nunn
    Richard Hover
    1730-1918Richard Hover
    East WickhamSt Michael8 Jun 14 1730-1860Richard Hover 1730-18521852-1863Richard Hover 1715-1882Richard Hover
    EastchurchAll Saints
    EastlingSt Mary
    EastrySt Mary
    EastwellSt Mary18 Mar 12 1754-1837David C Hills
    EbonySt Mary the Virgin20 Aug 12 1566-1911Robert Chown 1754-19111566-1754David C Hills 1566-1911Robert Chown
    EdenbridgeSt Peter & St Paul25 Jan 09 1825-1836Evelyn Jenner
    EgertonSt James22 Aug 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    ElhamHoly Trinity
    ElhamSt Mary
    ElmleySt James
    ElmsteadSt James
    ElthamSt John the Baptist
    ErithChrist Church
    ErithSt John the Baptist
    EwellSt Peter & St Paul
    EynsfordSt Martin3 Nov 13 1538-1912Frank Rogers 1539-1812
    Susan Sharratt
    Frank Rogers
    1537-2013Frank Rogers
    EythorneSt Peter & St Paul
    FairfieldSt Thomas a Becket19 Aug 12 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1853David C Hills
    FarnboroughSt Giles the Abbot
    FarninghamMethodist Chapel4 Jan 14 1856-1865
    Agnes Woodhouse
    FarninghamSt Peter & St Paul11 Nov 13 1589-16091609-1992Frank Rogers 1590-16191619-1992Frank Rogers
    FavershamSt Mary
    FawkhamSt Mary the Virgin18 Aug 09 1568-1983CompletedLorraine Lee 1571-1954CompletedLorraine Lee 1568-1980CompletedLorraine Lee
    FolkestoneSt Mary
    FolkestoneSt Mary & St
    FootscrayAll Saints
    FordwichSt Mary
    FrindsburyAll Saints3 Jul 14 1669-1784Malcolm Clark 1849-1865Teresa LaPlante
    FrindsburyAll Saints6 Jun 14 1669-17721772-1959Malcolm Clark 1669-17751776-1957Malcolm Clark 1669-1734
    Malcolm Clark
    FrinstedSt Dunstan25 Aug 12 1754-1843
    David C Hills
    Patricia F Chown
    FrittendenSt Mary12 Nov 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    Galley HillAll Saints19 Mar 11 1885
    CompleteKaren Lynas
    Katie Constable
    1895-1955CompleteKatie Constable
    GillinghamSt Augustine8 Oct 12 1917-1976CompleteCaryl Gill 1917-1955CompleteCaryl Gill
    GillinghamSt Barnabas12 Jan 14 1886-19081909-1969Barbara Hobson 1892-1969Barbara Hobson Barbara Hobson
    GillinghamSt Luke the Evangelist19 Feb 14 1884-1895Anna Cheetham
    GillinghamSt Mark7 Oct 12 1863-19051906-1952Lorraine Lee 1866-19061907-1959Lorraine Lee
    GillinghamSt Mary Magdalene6 Jul 14 1826-1833Steve Kansy 1558-1831James Stephenson
    GillinghamSt Mary Magdalene27 May 14 1558-18491849-1967James Stephenson 1558-18201786-1820James Stephenson 1558-18001800-1966James Stephenson
    Gillingham South
    GodmershamSt Lawrence21 Mar 10 1730-17461747-1812John Culver 1730-1731
    John Culver
    David C Hills
    1730-17311732-1812John Culver
    GoodnestoneHoly Cross
    Goodnestone (Faversham)St Bartholomew
    GoudhurstSt Mary the Virgin31 Aug 12 1513-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    Patricia Chown
    GraineSt James15 Aug 13 1813-1818
    1820-1858Paul Denny
    Chris Robbins
    GraineSt James7 Feb 14 1653-1981Carrie Van Kessel 1664-1955Carrie Van Kessel 1705-1890Carrie Van Kessel
    GraveneyAll Saints
    GravesendHoly Family (Christchurch)11 Jul 11 1959-1977CompleteDenise Taylor
    GravesendSt Aidan29 Nov 12 1955-19601960-1990Peter Honeywood
    GravesendSt George18 Sep 11 1813-1874
    Derek Richardson
    Emma Parker
    GravesendSt George9 May 14 1807-1812
    1892-1893Denise Taylor
    GravesendSt James29 Mar 11 1852-18811881-1967John Lord 1852-1956John Lord
    GravesendSt Luke
    GravesendSt Mary18 Sep 11 1904-1946CompleteDenise Taylor 1905-1959CompleteDenise Taylor
    Great ChartSt Mary1 Sep 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    Great ChartSt Mary27 Nov 13 1558-1911CompleteRobert Chown 1558-1911CompleteRobert Chown 1558-1911CompleteRobert Chown
    Great MongehamSt Martin
    GreenhitheSt Mary the Virgin9 Feb 14 1857-19121912-1967Linda Butler 1858-19181919-1954Linda Butler 1925-1946Linda Butler
    GreenwichCroom's Hill Our Lady Star of the Sea16 Dec 13 1792-18671867-1886Michelle Jackson 1815-18561804-1815Michelle Jackson 18071804-1832
    Michelle Jackson
    GreenwichRoyal Hospital
    GreenwichSt Alphege1 Jul 14 1679-17001700-1938Agnes Woodhouse 18131657-1861Gary Barnes 1615-1665
    Karen Hobbs
    June McNeil
    Denise Taylor
    GustonSt Martin
    HadlowSt Mary
    HallingSt John the Baptist20 Aug 12 1705-19181918-1984Betty Cole 1705-19281929-1995Betty Cole 1705-19461946-1952Betty Cole
    HalsteadSt Margaret18 Feb 09 1565-1836Susan Sharratt
    HamSt Augustine
    HarbledownSt Nicholas
    HarrietshamSt John the Baptist2 Sep 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HartleyAll Saints1 Feb 10 1713-1937CompleteKaren Hobbs 1758-1932CompleteKaren Hobbs 1712-2003CompleteKaren Hobbs
    HartlipSt Michael
    HastingleighSt Mary01 Sep 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HawkhurstSt Laurence13 Nov 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    HayesSt Mary
    HeadcornSt Peter & St Paul16 Sep 12 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    HempsteadAll Saints23 Jun 11 1950-1956CompleteAnn Spiro
    HerneSt Martin
    Herne Bay
    HernehillSt Michael
    HeverSt Peter
    High HaldenSt Mary24 Sep 12 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    High HalstowSt Margaret24 May 10 1735-1791
    Maggie Robinson 1756-1991Maggie Robinson 1735-18121654-1735Maggie Robinson
    HighamSt John15 May 10 1865-1894Alan & Alison Dalton 1900-1916Alan & Alison Dalton Alan & Alison Dalton
    HighamSt Mary18 Dec 10 1744-1846Alan & Alison Dalton Alan & Alison Dalton 1813-1864Alan & Alison Dalton
    HinxhillSt Mary30 Sep 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HollingbourneAll Saints5 Oct 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HooSt Mary11 Nov 12 1695-1976CompletedPeter Beale
    Graham Clarkson
    1695-1955CompletedPeter Beale
    Graham Clarkson
    1695-1978CompletedGraham Clarkson
    Hoo All HallowsAll Saints17 Nov 13 1629-1890Denise Taylor 1629-1837Denise Taylor 1629-1976Denise Taylor
    HooSt Werburgh30 Jan 10 1587-1600Denise Taylor 1588-1600Denise Taylor 1587-1640Denise Taylor
    HooSt Werburgh12 Nov 12 1600-1812Sally Cowan 1810-18121600-1810Sally Cowan 1600-1812Sally Cowan
    HooSt Werburgh13 Nov 12 1813-1987CompletePeter Honeywood 1813-1987CompletePeter Honeywood 1813-1946CompletePeter Honeywood
    HorsmondenAll Saints
    HorsmondenSt Margaret
    Horton KirbySt Mary7 Jun 14 1853-1905
    1968-1991Sue Allport 1813-1955Sue Allport 1813-1955Sue Allport
    Horton KirbySt Mary11 Jun 11 1684-1919Malcolm Scott 1684-1939Malcolm Scott 1678-1919Malcolm Scott
    HothfieldSt Margaret11 Oct 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HuckingSt Margaret14 Oct 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    HuntonSt Mary
    HytheSt Leonard
    IfieldSt Margaret27 May 10 1813-1979Rae Finucane 1813-1955Rae Finucane 1814-1991Rae Finucane
    IghthamSt Peter
    IvychurchSt George30 Oct 12 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1899David C Hills
    KemsingSt Mary
    KenardingtonSt Mary12 Nov 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    KenningtonSt Mary16 Nov 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    Keston6 May 14 1816-18521813-1946Graham Upton 1754-1955Graham Upton 1813-1943Graham Upton
    KilndownChristchurch19 Nov 12 1843-1911David C Hills
    KingsnorthSt Michael24 Nov 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    KingstonSt Giles1 Mar 11 1558-1812Barbara Zion 1558-1837Barbara Zion 1558-1812Barbara Zion
    LamberhurstSt Mary24 Jun 09 1564-1837Susan Sharratt
    LangleySt Mary24 Nov 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    LeavelandSt Lawrence
    LeeGood Shepherd
    LeeSt Margaret18 Sep 12 1579-1754CompleteRichard King 1579-1754CompleteRichard King 1580-1754CompleteRichard King
    LeedsSt Nicholas2 Dec 12 1754-1911David C Hills
    LeighSt Mary
    LenhamSt Mary7 Apr 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    LewishamSt Mary26 Jan 14 1703-1768
    Patricia West 1703-1740
    Patricia West 1703-1794
    Patricia West
    LidsingSt Mary Magdalene2 Mar 10 1840-1874Alan & Alison Dalton 1840-1867Alan & Alison Dalton 1840-1876Alan & Alison Dalton
    LintonSt Nicholas
    LittlebourneSt Vincent
    Little ChartSt Mary23 Dec 12 1754-1836David C Hills
    Little Mongeham
    LongfieldSt Mary Magdalene31 Oct 10 1562-1969CompleteJames Stephenson 1558-1956CompleteJames Stephenson 1558-1972CompleteJames Stephenson
    LooseAll Saints11 Nov 11 1717-1812Betty Cole 1717-1812Betty Cole 1717-1812Betty Cole
    Lower BirlingChrist Church9 Apr 13 1893-1922Lorraine Lee 1911-1920Lorraine Lee 1894-1969Lorraine Lee
    Lower Hardres
    Lower HalstowSt Margaret of Antioch
    LuddesdownSt Peter & St Paul23 Sep 10 1682-1995CompleteCrystal Hart 1682-1970CompleteCrystal Hart 1681-1995CompleteCrystal Hart
    LullingstoneSt Botolph1 Mar 11 1578-1811CompleteJames Stephenson 1582-1812CompleteJames Stephenson 1579-1811CompleteJames Stephenson
    LutonChrist Church15 Jul 14 1852-19121912-1960Jen Sheehan 1853-19111911-1954Jen Sheehan 1852-1957CompleteJen Sheehan
    LyddAll Saints7 Apr 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    LyddIndependent4 Jan 13 1814-1837David C Hills
    LyddenSt Mary13 Oct 10 1813-1907CompleteCrystal Hart 1813-1837CompleteCrystal Hart 1813-1887
    CompleteCrystal Hart
    LymingeSt Mary & St Ethelburga10 Nov 10 1813-18151544-1897Crystal Hart 1913-18311544-1940Crystal Hart 1813-18521544-1967Crystal Hart
    LympneSt Stephen2 Apr 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    LynstedSt Peter & St Paul
    MaidstoneAll Saints22 Jan 12 1542 -1754
    Rev J. Cave-Browne
    David C Hills
    MaidstoneSt Michael
    MaidstoneSt Pauls
    MaidstoneSt Philips
    MardenSt Michael18 Nov 11 1538-1600Jules de Launay
    MargateSt John the Baptist
    Mark Beech
    MeophamSt John the Baptist27 Jan 14 1728-19471948-1991Muriel Winter 1754-19411575-1754 1941-1957Muriel Winter 1743-19511951-1971Muriel Winter
    MereworthSt Lawrence
    MershamSt John the Baptist2 Apr 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    Milton Canterbury
    Milton next GravesendSt Andrew's Mission2 Jan 11 1865-1970CompleteRichard King
    Milton next GravesendChristchurch3 Sep 12 1857-18581859-1968Margaret Vick 1857-1959Margaret Vick 1932-1956Margaret Vick
    Milton next GravesendHoly Trinity27 Aug 10 1845-18561857-1962Helen Bradley 1845-1962Helen Bradley
    Milton next GravesendSt Faiths 1913-1935 1933-1935
    Milton next GravesendSt Mary
    Milton next GravesendSt Peter and St Paul7 Jun 11 1813-1830Myra Warrener 1813-1835Myra Warrener 1813-1838Myra Warrener
    Milton next GravesendSt Peter and St Paul8 Sep 13 1830-18311559-1812
    Lynda Luckhurst 1559-1812
    Milton RegisHoly Trinity
    Milton Sittingbourne
    Minster SheppeySt Mary &
    St Sexburgha
    MinsterSt Mary Thanet
    MolashSt Peter7 Apr 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    Monks HortonSt Peter27 Aug 13> 1754-1911David C Hills
    MonktonSt Mary Magdalene
    MottinghamSt Andrew
    MurstonAll Saints
    NackingtonSt Mary
    NettlesteadSt Mary
    NewchurchSt Peter & St Paul2 May 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    NewendenSt Peter18 Nov 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    NewendenSt Peter21 Feb 12 1559-1812CompleteSue Slater 1559-18131660-1813Sue Slater 1559-1812Sue Slater
    NewingtonSt Mary13 May 09 1560-1837Myra Warrener
    Newington HytheSt Nicholas
    NewnhamSt Peter & St Paul
    New RomneySt Nicholas7 Apr 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    NoningtonSt Mary
    NorthbourneSt Augustine
    North CraySt James25 Apr 14 1538-1935Carrie Van Kessel 1538-1955Carrie Van Kessel 1538-1994Carrie Van Kessel
    NorthfleetSt Botolph13 Sep 12 1539-1653
    NorthfleetPerry Street23 Apr 11 1872-1873Deanna Young
    NortonSt Marys
    NurstedSt Mildred7 Feb 12 1561-1998CompleteRichard Taylor 1561-1945CompleteRichard Taylor 1561-1996CompleteRichard Taylor
    OareSt Peter
    OffhamSt Michael
    Old RomneySt Clement4 May 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1811David C Hills
    OrlestoneSt Mary8 May 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    OrpingtonAll Saints1 Mar 11 1560-1812CompleteJames Stephenson 1560-1754CompleteJames Stephenson 1560-1812CompleteJames Stephenson
    OrpingtonOld Meeting House21 Jul 10 1650-1815
    CompleteBrenda Dimbleby 1739-1837CompleteBrenda Dimbleby
    OspringeSt Peter & St Paul
    OtfordSt Bartholomew
    OthamSt Nicholas
    OtterdenSt Lawrence8 May 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    OxneySt Mary the Virgin
    PaddlesworthSt Oswald
    PatrixborneSt Mary
    PemburySt Peter
    PengeSt John the Evangelist
    PenshurstSt John the Baptist26 Jan 09 1560-1837Pam Pilcher
    PethamAll Saints
    PlattSt Mary
    PluckleySt Nicholas15 May 13 1759-1791 (Gaps)Werona Armstrong 1691-1754 (Gaps)
    Werona Armstrong
    David C Hills
    PlumsteadSt Mark
    PlumsteadSt Nicholas1 Feb 14 1802-18691654-1801
    Caryl Gill 1803-1846Caryl Gill 1800-18251825-1843Caryl Gill
    PlumsteadSt Paul
    PostlingSt Mary
    Preston (Faversham)St Catherine
    Preston (N Wingham)St Mildred
    QueenboroughHoly Trinity
    RainhamSt Margaret of Antioch8 Jul 14 1813-1817
    Frances Lachance
    Katie Constable
    1638-1919Katie Constable 1813-1829
    Ronnie MacLeod
    Diana Still
    Katie Constable
    RainhamSt Margaret of Antioch6 Jun 14 1592-1929Katie Constable 1638-1906Katie Constable 1592-1927Katie Constable
    RamsgateSt Lawrence
    RamsgateSt Mary4 Sep 13 1901-1932Richard Mason
    ReculverSt Mary the Virgin
    RidleySt Peter & St Paul24 Dec 09 1625-1930CompleteJohn Douglas 1631-1829CompleteJohn Douglas 1631-1962CompleteJohn Douglas
    RingwouldSt Nicholas
    RippleSt Mary
    RiverSt Peter & St Paul
    RochesterCathedral11 Nov 10 1657-1994CompleteMalcolm Clark 1669-1768CompleteMalcolm Clark 1633-1812CompleteMalcolm Clark
    RochesterSt Andrew
    RochesterSt Justus19 Dec 11 1948-1960Ann Spiro 1951-1956Ann Spiro 1965-1980Ann Spiro
    RochesterSt Margaret19 Dec 11 1951-1954Ann Spiro
    RochesterSt Margaret
    of Antioch
    29 Jul 14 1813-1828Paul Taylor-Holland 1668-17541754-1812Diana Still 1717-17451746-1781Diana Still
    RochesterSt Margaret of Antioch7 Jun 14 1653-17171717-1745Diana Still 1666-17171717-1745Diana Still 1653-17171717-1745Diana Still
    RochesterSt Nicholas4 Mar 13 1673-1698 1704-18491699-1704Werona Armstrong
    RochesterSt Nicholas of Myra2 Nov 12 1796-1837Sue Wilson 1792-1837Sue Wilson
    RochesterSt Peter16 Aug 11 1860-18671867-1873Karen Gregson
    RodmershamSt Nicholas
    RolvendenSt Mary22 May 13 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    RoshervilleSt Mark8 Sep 13 1853-18961897-1962Graham Osborne 1853-18611862-1955Graham Osborne
    RuckingeSt Mary25 May 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    RyarshSt Martin
    St Mary CraySt Mary
    St Mary in the MarshSt Mary the Virgin
    SaltwoodSt Peter & St Paul
    SandgateSt Paul
    SandhurstSt Nicholas8 Jun 13 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    SandwichSt Clement
    SandwichSt Mary
    SandwichSt Peter
    SarreSt Giles
    SealSt Peter & St Paul
    Seal ChartSt Lawrence
    SeasalterSt Alphege
    SellindgeSt Mary14 Jun 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    SellingSt Mary
    SevenoaksSt Nicholas
    SevingtonSt Mary15 Jun 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    ShadoxhurstSt Peter & St Paul19 Jun 14 1538-1911CompleteBob Chown 1538-1911
    CompleteBob Chown
    David Hills
    1538-1911CompleteBob Chown
    SheernessHoly Trinity
    SheldwichSt James
    ShepherdswellSt Andrew
    ShipborneSt Giles1 Mar 11 1560-1658Terry Larraman 1560-1658Terry Larraman 1560-1658Terry Larraman
    ShorehamSt Peter & St Paul
    ShorneSt Peter & St Paul8 Jul 14 1813
    Sarah Shaw
    Marian Pringle
    1538-1966 1534-1990
    SholdenSt Nicholas
    SidcupChrist Church
    SidcupSt John
    Sidcup LamorbeyHoly Trinity
    SittingbourneSt Mary
    SittingbourneSt Michael
    SmardenSt Michael26 Jun 13 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    SmeethSt Mary1 Jul 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    SnargateSt Dunstan9 Jul 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    SnaveSt Mary9 Jul 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    SnodlandAll Saints1 Apr 11 1813-1831Terry Laraman
    SouthboroughSt Thomas
    SouthfleetSt Nicholas of Myra16 Aug 11 1558-1920CompletePeter Lee 1558-1932CompletePeter Lee 1641-19151558-1737Peter Lee
    SpeldhurstSt Mary
    St Mary in The MarshSt Mary19 Jul 13 1750-1911David C Hills 1754-1911David C Hills
    StalisfieldSt Mary
    StanfordAll Saints
    StanstedSt Mary
    StapleSt James
    StaplehurstAll Saints18 Nov 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    Brenda Dimbleby
    StellingSt Mary
    Stelling MinnisSt Mary
    StockburySt Mary Magdalene3 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    StodmarshSt Mary
    StokeSt Peter & St Paul27 Feb 10 1666-1906CompleteBera MacClement 1666-1963CompleteBera MacClement 1666-1892CompleteBera MacClement
    StonarChrist Church
    Stone next DartfordSt Mary the Virgin29 Mar 10 1813-1834Brenda Fuggle
    Stone-in-OxneySt Mary6 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    Stone cum EbonySt Mary the Virgin
    StourmouthAll Saints
    StowtingSt Mary9 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    StroodSt Mary24 Oct 10 1869-1871Kim Shepstone
    StroodSt Nicholas of Myra29 Mar 14 1565-1867
    Bera MacClement
    Richard Hover
    Bera MacClement
    Richard Hover
    Bera MacClement
    Richard Hover
    StroodSt Francis3 Jun 14 1940-19581958-1963Carrie Van Kessel
    SturrySt Nicholas
    Sutton by DoverSt Peter & St Paul
    Sutton at HoneSt John
    SundridgeSt Mary
    Sutton ValenceSt Mary the Virgin14 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    SwalecliffeSt John
    SwanleySt Mary11 Mar 14 1902-1925
    Carrie Van Kessel 1902-1955Carrie Van Kessel
    SwanleySt Paul17 Dec 10 1862-18891890-1930Valerie Large
    SwanscombeAll Saints
    SwanscombeSt Peter & St Paul13 Jul 14 1813-18191819-1835Chris Boulden 1759-1796
    Charlotte Twyman
    SwanscombeSt Peter & St Paul15 May 14 1797-1812
    Charlotte Twyman 1759-1796
    Charlotte Twyman
    SwingfieldSt Peter
    SydenhamSt Bartholomew8 Jul 14 1899-1919Jeanette Wallace
    TenterdenSt Michael and
    All Angels
    28 Jul 13 1864-1911David C Hills
    TenterdenSt Mildred4 Dec 11 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David C Hills
    TestonSt Peter & St Paul
    TeynhamSt Mary
    ThanetSt Lawrence
    ThanetSt Mary
    ThanetSt Peter
    ThaningtonSt Nicholas
    ThrowleyAll Saints
    ThrowleySt Michael
    ThurnhamSt Mary23 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    TilmanstoneSt Andrew
    TonbridgeSt Peter & St Paul
    TongeSt Giles
    TrottiscliffeSt Peter
    Tudeley cum CapelAll Saints
    Tunbridge WellsCongregational
    Tunbridge WellsHanover Chapel Baptist12 Jul 10 1831-1837 (Births)CompleteSophie
    Tunbridge WellsSt Charles
    Tunbridge WellsSt Peter
    TunstallSt John the Baptist
    TwydallHoly Trinity14 Aug 12 1954-1955Jan Barlow
    UlcombeAll Saints29 Aug 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    UpchurchSt Mary
    UpnorSt Philip & St James10 Mar 11 1878-1880Stevie Varrier
    UpnorSt Philip & St James5 Jun 14 1878-18961896-1903Richard King
    UpnorSt Philip & St James12 Sep 12 1903-1907Ron Carter
    Upper HardresSt Peter & St Paul
    WadeSt Nicholas
    WaldershareAll Saints
    WalmerRC Register
    WalmerSt Mary
    WalmerSt Saviors
    WalthamSt Bartholomew
    WarehorneSt Matthew Robert Chown 1754-1911David Hills
    WateringburySt John the Baptist
    WellingSt John
    WestbereAll Saints
    WestcliffeSt Peter
    WesterhamAll Saints7 Apr 09 1559-1837Myra Warrener
    WesterhamSt Mary
    West FarleighAll Saints25 May 09 1558-1812Myra Warrener
    WestfieldSt John the Baptist
    Westgate-on-SeaSt Saviour
    West KingsdownSt Edmund
    West LangdonSt Mary
    West MallingSt Mary
    West PeckhamSt Dunstan
    WestwellSt Mary11 Sep 13 1754-1911David C Hills
    West WickhamSt John the Baptist
    WhitfieldSt Peter
    WhitstableAll Saints
    WhitstableSt Alphege
    WickhambreauxSt Andrew
    WigmoreSt Matthew29 Jan 14 1931-1977CompleteJeanette Wallace 1952-1962CompleteJeanette Wallace
    WillesboroughSt Mary5 Mar 10 1559-1837
    Susan Sharratt
    David Hills
    WilmingtonSt Michael11 Apr 10 1813-1822Helen Roberts
    WilmingtonSt Michael6 Jan 13 1823-18551855-1866Peter Snelling
    WinghamCong. Chapel
    WinghamSt Mary
    WittershamSt John4 Dec 12 1538-1600
    Jules de Launay
    David Hills
    WomenswoldSt Margaret of Antioch
    WoodchurchAll Saints12 Nov 12 1538-19111911-1989Robert Chown 1538-1978CompleteRobert Chown 1538-1990CompleteRobert Chown
    WoodchurchMethodist11 Aug 13 1797-1911Robert Chown
    WoodnesboroughSt Mary
    WoolwichRoyal Arsenal Chapel
    WoolwichSt Mary Magdalene19 Feb 14 1813-1819Stephen Galpin
    WoottonSt Martin
    WormshillSt Giles28 Aug 13 1754-1837Patricia Chown
    WorthSt Peter & St Paul
    WouldhamAll Saints27 Jun 10 1722-1920Susan Sharratt 1722-1754
    Susan Sharratt 1722-1929Susan Sharratt
    WouldhamAll Saints29 Jan 14 1722-19211538-1721Christopher Cook 1722-19381568-1721Christopher Cook 1722-19371538-1683
    Christopher Cook
    WrothamSt George
    Wychling20 May 11 1754-1911Robert Chown
    WychlingSt Margaret24 Jun 09 1577-1836Susan Sharratt
    WyeSt Gregory & St Martin 1754-1911David Hills
    YaldingSt Peter & St Paul

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