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This list provides links to each county and a description of what is currently available within the database and in some cases what is being worked on. Although most parishes listed are from the Anglican Church, FreeREG is also adding entries from non-conformist registers.

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Counties in England (using the old county areas) Counties in Wales (using the old county areas) Counties in Scotland (using the old county areas)

Counties in England

England Counties

Coordinators: FreeREG Executive

  1. Bedfordshire
  2. Berkshire
  3. Buckinghamshire
  4. Cambridgeshire
  5. Channel Islands
  6. Cheshire
  7. Cornwall
  8. Cumberland
  9. Derbyshire
  10. Devon
  11. Dorset
  12. Durham
  13. Essex
  14. Gloucestershire
  15. Hampshire and Isle of Wight
  16. Herefordshire
  17. Hertfordshire
  18. Huntingdonshire
  19. Isle of Man
  20. Kent
  21. Lancashire
  22. Leicestershire
  23. Lincolnshire
  24. Middlesex and London
  25. Norfolk
  26. Northamptonshire
  27. Northumberland
  28. Nottinghamshire
  29. Oxfordshire
  30. Rutland
  31. Shropshire
  32. Somerset
  33. Staffordshire
  34. Suffolk
  35. Surrey
  36. Sussex
  37. Warwickshire
  38. Westmorland
  39. Wiltshire
  40. Worcestershire
  41. Yorkshire
    North Riding
    East Riding
    West Riding

Cumbria - see Cumberland, Lancashire, Westmorland.
Isle of Wight - see Hampshire

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Counties in Wales

Wales Counties

Coordinator: Team Wales

  1. Anglesey
  2. Breconshire
  3. Caernarvonshire
  4. Cardiganshire
  5. Carmarthenshire
  6. Denbighshire
  7. Flintshire
  8. Glamorgan
  9. Merionethshire
  10. Monmouthshire
  11. Montgomeryshire
  12. Pembrokeshire
  13. Radnorshire

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GENUKI England See the GENUKI Wales pages for all other information on Wales genealogy resources, county information and parishes.

Counties in Scotland

Scotland Counties

Coordinator for Scotland

  1. Aberdeenshire
  2. Angus
  3. Argyle
  4. Ayrshire
  5. Banffshire
  6. Berwickshire
  7. Bute
  8. Caithness
  9. Clackmannanshire
  10. Dumfriesshire
  11. Dunbartonshire
  12. East Lothian
  13. Fife
  14. Inverness-shire
  15. Kincardineshire
  16. Kinross-shire
  17. Kirkcudbrightshire
  18. Lanarkshire
  19. Midlothian
  20. Moray
  21. Nairnshire
  22. Orkney
  23. Peebles
  24. Perthshire
  25. Renfrewshire
  26. Ross & Cromarty
  27. Roxburghshire
  28. Selkirkshire
  29. Shetland
  30. Stirlingshire
  31. Sutherland
  32. West Lothian
  33. Wigtownshire

GENUKI England See the GENUKI Scotland pages for all other information on Scotland genealogy resources, county information and parishes.

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