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County Coordinator: Julie Harold

Please note that the dates of available data are as at 19 Jul 2015, extra records may have become available between that date and the date the database was last rebuilt.

Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order. Those places in the Status column marked Registers Available or AT Available means that the registers or Archdeacons Transcripts are available with the coordinator ready for assignment to a transcriber. The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable. The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are currently being transcribed and the name of the Transcriber.

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Earls Colne St Andrew
East Donyland St Lawrence 1731-1925 Helen Barrell 1731-1957 Helen Barrell 1731-1910 Helen Barrell
East Ham St Mary Magdalene
East Hanningfield All Saints
East Horndon All Saints 1697-1763
Fran Sperring 1708-1754 Fran Sperring 1704-1764 Fran Sperring
East Mersea St Edmund King and Martyr
East Tilbury St Catherine 1687-1701 Fran Sperring 1688-1753 1813-1837 Fran Sperring
Arny Webb
1681-1783 Fran Sperring
Eastthorpe St Mary the Virgin
Eastwood St Laurence and All Saints
Elmdon St Nicholas
Elmstead St Ann and St Laurence 1729-1740 1729-1812 Helen Barrell 1754-1837 1729-1754 Helen Barrell
Arny Webb
1678-1728 Helen Barrell
Elsenham St Mary the Virgin
Epping St John the Baptist
Epping Upland All Saints


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