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County Coordinator: Julie Harold

Please note that the dates of available data are as at 19 Jul 2015, extra records may have become available between that date and the date the database was last rebuilt.

Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order. Those places in the Status column marked Registers Available or AT Available means that the registers or Archdeacons Transcripts are available with the coordinator ready for assignment to a transcriber. The Years Completed column gives the range of years that have been transcribed, loaded into the database and are searchable. The Years in Progress column gives the range of years that are currently being transcribed and the name of the Transcriber.

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Bardfield Salling St Peter and St Paul 1560-1562 1583-1721 Pat Greetham 1561-1562 1584-1653 1694-1735 Pat Greetham 1560-1562 1583-1640 1680-1713 Pat Greetham
Barking St Margaret 1813-1828 1890-1894 Nicola Reynolds
Neil Axe
1813-1837 1875-1884 Nicola Reynolds
Lydia Wheeler
1852-1900 Neil Axe
Barkingside Holy Trinity
Barling All Saints bap gaps : 1567-1595 1603-1694 1555-1812 Patrick Arnold 1695-1812 Patrick Arnold
Barnston St Mary
Basildon (See also Laindon) Holy Cross 1777-1900 John Eborall 1813-1900 John Eborall 1777-1902 John Eborall
Beauchamp Roding St Botolph 1688-1798 John Eborall 1688-1751 1777 John Eborall 1688-1798 John Eborall
Beaumont St Leonard Note merged with Moze after 1678 1565-1680 Helen Barrell 1567-1677 Helen Barrell 1564-1678 Helen Barrell
Beaumont cum Moze St Leonard 1678-1871 Helen Barrell 1678-1957 Helen Barrell 1678-1918 Helen Barrell
Belchamp Otten St Ethelbert and All Saints lots of gaps in early register 1578-1812 1872-1875 Edwin Furnival 1578-1733 1745-1812 Edwin Furnival 1578-1812 Edwin Furnival
Belchamp St Paul St Andrew lots of gaps in early register 1538-1812 Edwin Furnival 1538-1812 Edwin Furnival 1538-1812 Edwin Furnival
Belchamp Walter St Mary the Virgin lots of gaps in early register 1559-1812 Edwin Furnival 1560-1812 Edwin Furnival 1560-1812 Edwin Furnival
Berden St Nicholas
Berechurch St Michael
Berners Roding All Saints
Billericay St Mary Magdalene
Birch St Peter
Birchanger St Mary 1688-1812 John Eborall
Julie Harold
1688-1712 1721-1752 John Eborall
Julie Harold
1688-1713 1720-1812 John Eborall
Julie Harold
Birdbrook St Augustine 1633-1783 John Eborall 1633-1653 1662-1754 John Eborall 1633-1783 John Eborall
Blackmore Priory Church of St Laurence 1602-1749 Pat Krishnan 1602-1749 Pat Krishnan
Black Notley St Peter and St Paul
Bobbingworth St Germain 1559-1812 Pat Krishnan 1559-1812 Pat Krishnan 1558-1812 Pat Krishnan
Bocking St Mary 1655-1900 John Eborall 1655-1913 Julie Baker
John Eborall
1655-1900 John Eborall
Boreham St Andrew
Borley burial gap 1660-9 1653-1812 Edwin Furnival 1709-1812 Edwin Furnival 1656-1812 Edwin Furnival
Bowers Gifford St Margaret 1814-1836 Arny Webb
Boxted St Peter 1813-1837 Arny Webb
Bradfield St Lawrence 1813-1837 Arny Webb
Bradwell Juxta Coggeshall Holy Trinity
Bradwell Juxta Mare (on Sea) St Thomas
Braintree St Michael
Brentwood County Asylum Cemetery 1856-1935 Pat Greetham
Brentwood St Thomas 1695-1759 Pat Greetham 1695-1753 Pat Greetham 1741-1755 Pat Greetham
Brightlingsea All Saints 1701-1754 1813-1837 Helen Barrell
Arny Webb
Broomfield St Mary 1697-1751 1755-1812 Helen Barrell 1701-3 1709-1725 1730-1754 1754-1812 Helen Barrell 1697-1754 1765-1812 Helen Barrell
Broxted St Mary
Buckhurst Hill St John
Bulmer St Andrew 1559-1851 Edwin Furnival 1559-1843 Edwin Furnival 1559-1843 Edwin Furnival
Bulphan St Mary the Virgin 1813-1837 Arny Webb
Bures Hamlet See Bures St Mary in Suffolk
Bures Mount St John the Baptist
Burnham St Mary the Virgin
Bush End St John the Evangelist
Buttsbury St Mary

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