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Please note that the dates of available data are as at 19 July 2015, extra records may have become available between that date and the date the database was last rebuilt.

Places and churches are listed in alphabetical order by place and then by church.

Ampthill St Andrew

Feb 2011 1602-1812 Terrence Thomas 1604-1812 Suzanne Rimell
Terrence Thomas
1602-1812 Suzanne Rimmell
Note:Birth Records Held Marriage Clearences Held
Ampthill Quakers
Note:Birth Records Held Marriage Clearences Held
Ampthill Wesleyan Methodist
Note:Birth Records Held
Ampthill Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Note:Birth Records Held
Arlesey St Peter

May 2012 1538-1712 Dave Prebble
Glynis Maxwell
1559-1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Glynis Maxwell
1559-1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Arlesey Wesleyan Methodist
Aspley Guise St Botolph

June 2010 1563-1812 Pat Goulden 1563-1812 Pat Goulden 1564-1812 Pat Goulden
Astwick St Guthlac

Apr 2011 1563-1812 Gillian Bethell
Ron Harper
1565-1804 Ron Harper 1565-1812 Ron Harper
Barton in the Clay St Nicholas July 2011 1558-1812 John Nice 1559-1811 John Nice 1558-1812 John Nice
Barton in the Clay Primitive Methodist
Battlesden St Peter and All Saints
Bedford All Saints
Bedford Christ Church
Bedford Holy Trinity
Bedford St Andrew
Bedford St Cuthbert
Bedford St John
Bedford St Leonard
Bedford St Martin
Bedford St Mary
Bedford St Michael
Bedford St Paul
Bedford St Peter
Bedford All saints
Bedford Bunyan Meeting
Bedford Moravan
Bedford United Bretheren
Bedford Howard Chapel
Bedford Mill Street Baptist
Bedford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Bedford Primitive Methodist Circuit
Bedford Bromham Road Wesleyan Methodist
Bedford Cauldwell Street Primitive Methodist
Bedford Newnham Avenue Methodist
Bedford Queen's Park Methodist
Bedford St Mary's Circuit Wesleyan Methodist
Bedford St Paul's Chapel Wesleyan Methodist
Bedford Southend Wesleyan Methodist
Bedford Primitive Episcopal
Bedford St Joseph Roman Catholic
Bedford Salvation Army
Biddenham St James
Biggleswade St Andrew 1637-1812 Heather Latus 1604-1812 Heather Latus 1604-1812 Heather Latus
Biggleswade Baptist Births only held
Biggleswade Wesleyen Methodist Circuit
Biggleswade Wesleyen Methodist Chapel Births only held
Biggleswade Primitive Methodist Chapel Births only held
Billington St Michael
Biscot (Limbury cum Biscot) Holy Trinity
Bletsoe St Mary
Blunham St Edmund or St James
Blunham Baptist Births only held
Bolnhurst St Dunstan
Bromham St Owen
Bromham Free Baptist
Caddington All Saints Oct 2014 1558-1812 Jane-Maree Padberg
John Nice
Angela Cox
1558-1639 Jane-Maree Padberg 1558-1586 Jane-Maree Padberg
Caddington - Aley Green Wesleyan Methodist
Caddington - Slip End Methodist
Campton All Saints
Cardington St Mary the Virgin May 2011 1572-1812 Marge Babb 1573-1812 Marge Babb 1574-1812 Marge Babb
Cardington - Cotton End Baptist
Cardington - Cotton End Congregational and Baptist
Cardington Wesleyan Methodist
Carlton St Mary the Virgin
Chalgrave All Saints
Chellington St Nicholas
Chalton Methodist
Clapham St Thomas a Beckett
Clapham Roman Catholic - Convent of the Holy Ghost
Clifton St Thomas a Beckett
Clophill St Mary the Virgin Nov 2011 1567-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1579-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1567-1851 Pamela Morris Kennedy
Jackie Dinsdale
Cockayne Hatley St John the Baptist
Colmworth St Deny
Cople All Saints 1801-1870 Pamela Morris Kennedy
Cranfield St Peter & St Paul
Cranfield Baptist
Dean All Saints
Dunstable St Augustine
Dunstable St Fremund
Dunstable St Peter July 2012 1559-1826 Christine Benedict
John Nice
1558-1812 John Nice 1559-1812 John Nice
Dunstable Baptist
Dunstable Wesleyn Methodist Ciurcuit
Dunstable Methodist- Waterloo Road
Dunstable Wesleyan Methodist - The Square
Dunstable Methodist - Luton Road
Dunstable Primitive Methodist - Circuit
Dunstable Primitive Methodist - Victoria Street
Dunstable Congregational - Edward Street
Dunton St Mary Nov 2010 1553-1811 Pat Goulden 1553-1810 Pat Goulden 1553-1811 Pat Goulden
East Hyde Holy Trinity
Eaton Bray St Mary the Virgin
Eaton Bray Wesleyan Methodist
Eaton Socon St Mary the Virgin July 2015 1566-1737, 1813-1906 Heather Latus
Sheila Padden
Jim Bundy
1757-1812 Ron Harper 1567-1607, 1693-1744, 1789-1925 Karin Merz
Brenda Wyatt
Bill Hall
Jim Bundy
Lauren Patey
Edworth St George Aug 2010 1552-1812 Jean Stickland 1556-1812 Jean Stickland 1552-1721 Jean Stickland
Eggington St Michael
Eggington Congregational
Elstow Virgin Mary and St Helen Feb 2012 1602-1812 Pat Goulden 1603-1812 Pat Goulden 1602-1812 Pat Goulden
Eversholt St John the Baptist April 2011 1602-1812 Douglas Bird 1602-1812 Douglas Bird 1602-1812 Douglas Bird
Everton St Mary
Eyeworth All Saints April 2011 1538-1812 Gill Briscoe 1538-1812 Gill Briscoe 1538-1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Farndish St Michael
Felmersham St Mary
Flitton St John the Baptist Feb 2011 1581-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1583-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1583-1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Flitwick St Peter & St Paul June 2011 1602-1812 Suzanne Rimell
Douglas Bird
1602-1812 Douglas Bird 1602-1789 Douglas Bird
Goldington St Mary the Virgin
Great Barford All Saints
Harlington St Mary the Virgin
Harlington Methodist
Harrold St Peter & All Saints
Harrold Congregational
Haynes St Mary the Virgin July 2015 1597-1813 Alan Tuck
Ron Harper
1597-1812 Alan Tuck
Ron Harper
1597-1861 Pamela Morris Kennedy
Alan Tuck
Ron Harper
Heath and Reach St Leonard
Heath and Reach Baptist
Henlow St Mary the Virgin
Henlow RAF Church
Higham Gobion St Mary or St Margaret May 2012 1615-1812 Keith Lee 1614-1797 Keith Lee 1675-1811 Karin Merz
Hockliffe St Nicholas
Hockliffe Congregational
Houghton Conquest All Saints
Houghton Regis All Saints & St Michael Aug 2011 1538-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1539-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1538-1812 Jackie Dinsdale
Houghton Regis Baptist
Houghton Regis Baptist - High Street
Houghton Regis Methodist
Hulcote St Nicholas
Husborne Crawley St Mary Magdalen
Kempston All Saints
Kempston St John
Kempston St Stephen
Kempston Transfiguration
Kempston Wesleyan Methodist
Kempston Cemetery Oct 2014 1878-1965 Pat Goulden
Bill Hall
Keysoe St Mary the Virgin
Knotting St Margaret
Langford St Andrew Dec 2010 1602-1812 Ron Harper 1602-1812 Ron Harper 1602-1812 Ron Harper
Leighton Buzzard All Saints
Leighton Buzzard St Andrew
Leighton Buzzard Quakers
Note: Birth Records Held Note: Marriage Clearances only from 1778
Leighton Buzzard Baptists
Leighton Buzzard Baptists - Lake Street
Leighton Buzzard Wesleyan Methodist - Circuit
Leighton Buzzard Wesleyan Methodist
Leighton Buzzard Primitive Methodist - Circuit
Leighton Buzzard Primitive Methodist - North Street
Lidlington St Margaret
Little Barford St Denys
Little Barford Baptist
Note: Birth Records Held
Little Staughton All Saints
Little Staughton Baptist
Lower Gravenhurst St Mary the Virgin
Luton St Andrew
Luton St Anne
Luton St Augustine
Luton St Francis
Luton St Hugh
Luton St Mary
Luton St Matthew
Luton St Paul
Luton St Peter
Luton St Saviour
Luton St Joseph
Luton Quakers
Note: Birth Records Only Note: Marriage Clearances only
Luton Baptist
Note: Birth Records Only
Luton Baptist - Park Street
Luton Baptist - Wellington Street
Luton Methodist
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Chapel Street
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Waller Street
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Albert Road
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Ashton Street
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Chapel Street
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - North Street
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Round Green
Luton Wesleyan Methodist - Waller Street
Luton Primitive Methodist - Waller Street
Luton Primitive Methodist - Cardigan Street
Luton Primitive Methodist - Leagrave
Luton Primitive Methodist - Mount Tabor
Luton Methodist Mission- Midland Road
Luton Methodist - Church Street
Luton Methodist - Lewsey, Friendship House
Luton Methodist - Park Town
Luton Christian Meeting - 19 Villa Road
Marston Moretaine St Mary the Virgin Feb 2014 1602-1902 Bev Bonning 1602-1901 Bev Bonning 1813-1900 Bev Bonning
Maulden St Mary the Virgin Mar 2012 1558-1812 Ron Harper 1558-1812 Ron Harper 1558-1812 Ron Harper
Melchbourne St Mary the Virgin
Meppershall St Mary the Virgin
Millbrook St Michael & All Angels
Milton Bryan St Peter
Milton Ernest All Saints
Moggerhanger St John the Evangelist
Northill St Mary the Virgin
Oakley St Mary the Virgin July 2012 1560-1812 Terrence Thomas 1560-1812 Terrence Thomas 1559-1774 Terrence Thomas
Odell All Saints July 2011 1602-1812 Terrence Thomas 1602-1812 Terrence Thomas 1602-1812 Terrence Thomas
Old Warden St Leonard
Pavenham St Peter
Pertenhall St Peter & St Paul
Podington St Mary the Virgin
Potsgrove St Mary
Note: BTs to 1602
Potton St Mary the Virgin
Pulloxhill St James Mar 2011 1553-1812 John Nice 1571-1812 John Nice 1558-1812 John Nice
Ravensden All Saints
Renhold All Saints
Ridgmont All Saints April 2011 1539-1812 Pat Goulden 1539-1812 Pat Goulden 1539-1812 Pat Goulden
Riseley All Saints 1602-1812 1602-1812 1602-1812
Note: BTs to 1602
Roxton St Mary Magdalen
Roxton Congregational
Salford St Mary the Virgin
Sandy St Swithin Jan 2010 1538-1812 Heather Latus 1538-1812 Heather Latus 1538-1812 Heather Latus
Sandy Wesleyan Methodist - Beeston
Sharnbrook St Peter
Shefford St Michael & All Angels
Notes: Did not become a separate parish until 1903, previously it was a chapel of ease in the parish of Campton, apparently used for "divine service" until provision was made for the celebration of communion services in 1853. By 1708 there was a brick font but all baptisms were recorded in the Campton registers until 1902. The chapel was licenced for marriages from 1873. There is no burial ground.
Shefford Roman Catholic - St Peter Francis
Shelton St Mary the Virgin 1603/4 - 1812 1603 - 1812 1603 - 1812
Notes: BTs 1602
Shillington All Saints
Shillington Congregational
Silsoe St James
Souldrop All Saints
Southill All Saints
Southill Baptist
Notes: Births only
Stagsden St Leonard
Stanbridge St John the Baptist
Stanbridge Methodist
Steppingley St Lawrence Nov 2011 1559-1812 Pat Goulden 1602-1812 Pat Goulden 1560-1812 Pat Goulden
Stevington St Mary the Virgin
Stevington Baptist
Stopsley St Thomas
Stopsley Wesleyan Methodist
Stotfold St Mary
Stotfold Methodist
Streatley St Margaret
Studham St Mary
Sundon St Mary
Sutton All Saints
Swineshead St Nicholas
Tebworth Methodist
Tempsford St Peter
Tempsford Wesleyan Methodist
Thurleigh St Peter May 2012 1559-1812 Judi Plant 1562-1812 Judi Plant 1562-1812, 1884-1899 Judi Plant
Tilbrook All Saints
Tilsworth All Saints
Tingrith St Nicholas Apr 2011 1573-1812 Jane-Maree Padberg 1572-1812 Jane-Maree Padberg 1573-1787 Jane-Maree Padberg
Toddington St George
Toddington Wesleyan Methodist
Totternhoe St Giles
Totternhoe Methodist
Notes: Births only
Turvey All Saints
Turvey Congregational
Turvey Independent
Upper Gravenhurst St Giles
Upper Stondon All Saints
Westoning St Mary Magdalen
Westoning Baptist
Notes: Births only
Whipsnade St Mary Magdalen
Wilden St Nicholas
Willington St Lawrence
Willington Wesleyan Methodist
Wilstead (or Wilshamstead) All Saints Aug 2011 1593-1812
Pamela Morris Kennedy
Jackie Dinsdale
1593-1812 Jackie Dinsdale 1593-1939 Pamela Morris-Kennedy
Jackie Dinsdale
Wilstead (or Wilshamstead) Wesleyan Methodist
Woburn St Mary the Virgin
Woburn Congregational
Notes: Births only
Woburn Sands St Michael
Woburn Sands St Mary
Woburn Sands Quaker
Woburn Sands Wesleyan Methodist
Woburn Sands Primitive Methodist
Woburn Sands Particular Baptist
Woodside St Andrew
Wootton St Mary Mar 2010 1561-1876 Bev Bonning 1562-1901 Bev Bonning 1562-1901 Bev Bonning
Wrestlingworth St Peter
Wymington St Lawrence
Yelden (or Yielding) St Mary the Virgin 1602 - 1812 1602 - 1812 1602 - 1812
Notes: BTs 1602

The following notes describe the relationship of the County administrative boundary and the ecclesiastical boundaries of the jurisdiction of the Archdeaconary, they have always been closely coincident.  Bedfordshire (that is the Archdeaconary) of Bedfordshire was, until 1837, wholly in the Diocese of Lincoln at which time it was transferred to Ely.   Further change came in 1914 when the Archdeaconary was appended to the Diocese of St Albans.  This project is based on County administrative boundary and, in terms of the Anglican churches, the ancient parishes. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the current situation and the changes that have taken place.

The Parishes which are no longer in Bedfordshire include Eaton Socon, Holwell and Tilrook.

The ancient chapelries which have subsequently become ecclesiastical parisehes are:





Heath & Reach



1735 (originally in Leighton Buzzard)   


1737 (previously in Caddington)


1903 (previously with Campton)


1846 (previously in Flitton)


1914 (transferred from Ely Diocese)


Parishes which have been added to Bedfordshire are Everton, Linslade and Kensworth and there are certain parishes created since 1837.

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